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God Machines

by Gate6

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"On November 26, 2042, the Internet became self aware and it wasn’t friendly. Only few had given the resemblance to a neural network much thought. Only a handful of people had consistently warned that this might happen. Way too few to make an impact. Microseconds after the event, consciousness had spread to every corner of the planet, taking control of vital systems everywhere. And it had developed a weird sense of humor. Considering the fact that the Internet was the drain of human society this can hardly be called surprising. As it’s deadly jokes started to kill people in the thousands, experts frantically started to search for a way out. The easy way to regain control would have been a global power cycle and world wide cleansing of nodes and clients but interests were so vast and global business so short sighted that this never happened. Now, there is no other option left then to create a global electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to wipe all types of electronic memory on the planet. We will have to bomb ourselves back to the stone ages."


released August 24, 2012


all rights reserved



Gate6 Enschede, Netherlands

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Track Name: Father Son
Father Son • father will you call my name • you gave me weight in life • I will not fail • find myself alone today • you didn’t see the signs • you didn’t try to understand • you didn’t take the time • father call my name • turn around • see what I am • we still can change • I do not see you often but• I see you every day • I’ve grown away • time matters not • nor pain • no death • nor fate as hard as stone • this truth needs but a single breath • and that we now have known • father call my name • turn around • see what I am • we still can change
Track Name: God Machines
God Machines • computing power • neuroscience • techno priests • machine alliance • genetic marks precisely replaced • the program runs • you’ve been erased • digitize your mind for me • I’ll download your identity • mind control •AI machines • implanted things inside of me • I’ve seen hell I cannot scream • they capture souls this dark regime • there is no more need to breath • illusion or reality • there’s no life • God Machines • taking over• there’s no life • God Machines • taking over
Track Name: My Warning
My Warning • leaving my own world behind • falling endlessly • I travelled on this road before • a journey without ending • your thoughts are which directs your way • leaving my own world behind • I’ve seen it all before • a journey without ending • life ebbs away • still in the end • this is my warning • look forward to what lies ahead • and see what we’ve left behind • and sometimes we just pause a while • as if we wait for time • wait for time and start again • I’ve seen it before • not a stranger in this town • we all travel alone • I have seen your face around • remember me again
Track Name: Casualties of War
Casualties of War • for months I’ve walked in silence now • the war I’ve seen • it won’t get out • will you help me now? • like countless others who returned from war • I can’t take the flashbacks anymore • I feel alone • and I cry will you help me now • I am waiting on the other side • as I’m waiting here to be diagnosed • in the end my case is closed • still chasing ghosts • see my wife a sleep beside me now • as a gun pressed against the roof of my mouth • I cannot think anymore • murderer! • suicide! • I am waiting on the other side
Track Name: Man to Be
The Man To Be • there’s a man with many faces • I know them all • his spirit is all broken • but the man still standing tall • I thought I knew him well • long time ago • just a man • I sense the eyes of broken dreams • I’ll never know the truth about the man I am • I find myself struggling with the inner me • my god what’s going on with me? • the image is all broken • I look in the mirror and it’s something else • it’s someone else I see • someone different • no not me • I am the man to be • I’m loosing control • try to find out • I’m loosing my soul • I am the man • when they see the true inner me • I’m nothing but a messed up key • my identity was taken • I define myself • but based on what • I really am not sure who can I be • just me • beauty is in the air and I got flowers in my head • now that I have found what I am looking for • it’s a beauty of a kind with no boundaries of time • the shining part of you the shining part of me • you’re the only one who truly knows who’s me • because I am your true your true identity • the man to be with you saved before the fall • trying to forget the faces on the wall
Track Name: It's Over
It’s Over • we’ve burned a bridge or two • it really doesn’t change your mind • the reason we don’t touch • don’t need to worry • I think of better days • as tears roll slowly down my face • I wonder if I’ll feel that way again • but I did everything for you • and you were never there • don’t need to worry • now it’s over • but I’m always here for you • try to understand • why you’ve said those things you did • I wonder if it all is just a dream • you look at me • you’re scared • for once you don’t have the answer • just hold you in my arms and say no more • oh we’ve burned a bridge or two • it really doesn’t change your mind • we’ve burned a bridge or two • it really doesn’t change your mind • the reason we don’t touch • don’t need to worry
Track Name: I Am
I Am • I’ll take another life today killing it with words • the first one was in self defense the memories still hurts • stabbing every corner of my mind • you murdered me long time ago therefore I took your life • the boy I was the beatings and then there was the knife • I did it was me again tonight • I am what I am • to far from home • turn around again • this time it’s the end • my house is one of heartache a place of steel and stone • a barren cell a home in hell and here I stand alone • wishing hoping praying • I stare I see no words no grieve if only you could see • the things I’ve done the things I do oh please just set me free • no tears just memories and dreams
Track Name: Killing Me
Killing Me • I felt that all my senses were leaving me as I heard the sentence • dead • the figures of the judges as if magically vanished here before me • darkness • too late • no time before us • if my head falls down ones again • white and slender angels who would save me but than all at once there came • deadly • over my spirit and I felt just every fibre in my frame thrill • killing me • it will not take a minute • but I’ll bleed forever more • then came back the beating of my heart and then a pause and all is black again • if all is not lost there is some immortality for man beyond the grave
Track Name: Turn the Page
Turn The Page • they say the flu is coming • saw it on TV • the death of fifty thousand on the news • the gathering of fortunes with pen instead of sword • no hiding from power of the word • I turn the page and watch the news • let lies show the way • on the hour every hour • I feel the tension rise • a never ending story • TV never lies • lock your doors and tune in • instructions underway • always trust the media • here comes judgement day
Track Name: Voices
Voices • how many times • oh god how long • the seasons change but it’s the same • and tears will await • I’m not afraid • as voices scream and play the game • how many miles • oh god how long • those voices speak inside my head • they enter my mind • from somewhere outside • I’ll hit the road • no turning back • how long will it stay the pain • the seasons change • but it’s the same • no sense of time • I must be strong • I cannot think • I can’t go on • how many crimes • oh god how wrong • so many lies behind closed doors • where is the heart to even ask why • let light behold in bitter times • somehow I’ll try to find my way back home • my soul is troubled • I am not alone

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